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Community Service Award Announced



Dan MorgadoShrewsbury, MA – The Shrewsbury Education Foundation (SEF) is pleased to announce its annual Community Service Award. Shrewsbury Town Manager, Daniel J. Morgado, will join a stellar list of past recipients which include State Representative Hannah Kane, the late Ted Coghlin, Mark Murray, Tom Kennedy, Dr. Joseph Sawyer, and Beth Casavant. Mr. Morgado will formally receive this honor at the foundation’s Annual Awards and Recognitions Dinner which takes place Saturday, January 21, 2017 at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club in Boylston.

Mr. Morgado has worked in municipal administrative offices since 1978, first as Executive Secretary to the Selectmen of Swansea, before first coming the Shrewsbury briefly as an Administrative Assistant to the long-time Town Manager, Richard Carney. He then served as Town Administrator in three towns: first Blackstone, then Easton, and finally Grafton. In 1997 he returned to Shrewsbury to succeed Carney as Town Manager, becoming only the third person holding the job since the position was created in 1953.

Mr. Morgado holds a Masters of Public Administration degree from Clark University, a program in which he now teaches. He is also a member of the Massachusetts Water Resources Management Advisory Committee, the Massachusetts 495/Metro West Suburban Edge Community Commission, and the Massachusetts Joint Labor-Management Committee for Municipal Police and Fire (having previously served as its Management Chairman.)
Born in Fall River and raised in Swansea, Mr. Morgado currently resides in Shrewsbury with his wife, Luanne, where he attends Trinity Episcopal Church. He is an advocate for libraries, education and has managed the town of Shrewsbury with firm fiscal principles.

According to SEF co-president, Mark Adler, “Dan Morgado is recognized for his tremendous impact on the Town of Shrewsbury as Town Manager.”

The SEF Community Service Award, now in its seventh year, honors a special community leader. The SEF presents it to a person who has shown leadership and outstanding community values. This individual is dedicated to Shrewsbury and goes above and beyond in delivering outstanding contributions to the Shrewsbury community and the Shrewsbury Public Schools. The awardee is selected for: having a significant impact to the Shrewsbury community and the Shrewsbury public schools directly or peripherally; for being visible in the community; and for being a steward of the Shrewsbury community.

When asked about his selection, Morgado replied “It’s an honor to be selected for this award. I know that several other people have received the award previously that I very much admire their careers and their work in Shrewsbury and it’s an honor, but it also means a lot relative to all the work that people are able to do in this community, the volunteers and the like.”

The SEF website ( states, “Through its all-volunteer effort supported by charitable contributions, the SEF fills a vital gap for Shrewsbury students. SEF [teacher] grants allow dedicated educators to create new learning vehicles that cannot be supported as traditional financial resources have tightened. SEF grants encourage creative approaches to educating the whole child—further meeting their intellectual, psychosocial and health needs.”

“Since its inception in 1992, SEF has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to Shrewsbury public school educators for innovative programs reaching students at every level. Without SEF grants, teachers would be unable to deliver these valuable learning experiences due to tight education budgets.”

The following individuals and local businesses have generously stepped forward to partner with SEF as sponsors for the current 2016-2017 school year: Presenting- Robert “Chief Joseph” Terkanian; Blue & Gold- Central One Federal Credit Union; Silver- Hannah Kane Charity Classic, Lamoureux Pagano & Associates, Inc. and Dunkin Donuts Shrewsbury; SEF Patron- Shrewsbury Federal Credit Union, Thrive Real Estate Specialists, Flaherty Physical Therapy and Webster Five.

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SEF Trivia Night is here!

Q. Could life be any better?

A. Nope!

SEF Trivia Night is a fun night out! Adults-only, parents, teachers, administrators, wandering partiers who are cold and looking for a few hours of warmth, you’re all welcome!

It’s not a fight-to-the-death-quizshow-slugfest.
It’s a party!
A social break from the grind of ordinary life.
Chill, spend time with friends (your enemies won’t be there, believe me), have a couple drinks, laugh at silly answers to outrageous questions, and overall just enjoy the evening.

In past years we held SEF Trivia Night at the Knights of Columbus, but we’ve grown too big and we moved to Maironis Park!  Now we have acres of room for millions of teams, oodles of parking spaces, and quicker bar service.

The team tables can hold a pair of 4-person teams.  So… divide your old 4-person team up into TWO new 4-person teams by adding some new friends and both teams can share a table to stay together!

Example of a team splitting into two new teams

This is how a team splits into two new teams.
(Disregard all the sciency details)

We also moved the fun-filled SEF Trivia Night to Saturday instead of Friday because we’re too pooped on a Friday night. Frankly, we’re getting old.

But you’re hungry?  We hear you.  Pizzas are for sale to benefit the SEF. Buy them when you register.

But you’re thirsty? So are we.  There’s a nice bar there, to quench your thirst and get your answers (right or wrong) flowing!

Can I bring the kids? Yes, if they’re adult “kids.”  Actual wee-aged children should not be there as it’s an 18+ event. Got it? No children.

More teams! Because the hall is so big (YUGE, even), that you can now form additional teams!  Do you have a great 4-person team from previous years?  Please divide them in half, add new players, and the two new teams can sit together at the same competition table!

Saturday November 19, 2016.
6:30 Happy half-hour; 7:00pm Start
$80 per team (=$20 per person)
Maironis Park, 52 South Quinsigamond Ave.

Learn more here!

Deadline is Tuesday, November 15 or until seats are filled.
(Late registrations will depend on space.)

I’m ready to register!



Thank You!

Brennan, Kennedy, Bazydlo

Alice Brennan, with former Director of Human Resources Thomas Kennedy, and Spring Street Principal Bryan Mabie at the 2012 SEF Awards Dinner.

… to the Family of Alice Brennan for naming the Shrewsbury Education Foundation as a beneficiary of donations in her memory.  Alice Brennan was a long-time Shrewsbury Educator until her retirement as Principal of the Beal Early Childhood Center.  The entire Shrewsbury community and beyond mourned her passing on April 7, 2016 ( see her obituary here ).  It is a tremendous honor to be named as a beneficiary and the Shrewsbury Education Foundationthank her family for considering us.

If you, or your organization, want to help our mission to fund grants that put resources and programs directly into the classroom, send your contribution to SEF, 55 Gulf Street, Shrewsbury MA 01545.

Thank You!

SHS facade… to the Shrewsbury High School Class of 2018 for their recent donation to the Shrewsbury Education Foundation.  The SEF was named as a beneficiary of a share of the profits of their 5K Walk/Run held on May 1, 2016.

“It was our honor to help support the SEF through this event and we truly appreciate everything you do to support Shrewsbury classrooms and educators.”

If you, or your organization, want to help our mission to fund grants that put resources and programs directly into the classroom, send your contribution to SEF, 55 Gulf Street, Shrewsbury MA 01545.