SEF 2018 – 2019 School Grants Applications

SEF grants will be accepted October 15 through Friday, November 16, 2018 (FIRM.) Please send application and your cover letter ELECTRONICALLY TO: Funds will be dispersed in December. Grants are open to all school employees, including teachers, nurses, aides, curriculum coordinators and administrators. Please direct all inquiries to: Sandra Fryc, SEF Grants Chair at or (508) 981-8230. THIS IS AN HONOR AND YOU WILL BE RECOGNIZED AT OUR ANNUAL AWARDS DINNER IN JANUARY.

All applicants must submit a separate application cover page

Please include the following info on the cover page: (1) The title of the grant, (2) the name(s) and titles of grant authors – limited to two, (3) the school(s) covered under the grant, (4) Mailing Address apart from school, and (5) permission from the principal if applicable.

Required Grant Information

Introduction – Briefly define the purpose of the project, why it is innovative and students who will benefit (include number).

Statement of Need – Describe why this project will be beneficial and why outside funding is needed.

Goals and Objectives– Describe WHAT the program will accomplish and HOW it will be accomplished.

Methods– Discuss the approach that will be used and how the project will be implemented to benefit the most students.

Evaluation– Describe how you will determine whether your objectives have been reached and whether the project has been successful.

Budget – Please provide details supporting your total dollar request. All budget items must be directly related to the proposed program. Salaries and food may not be included.

Continuity – Please briefly explain how your grant will benefit students in the long term.

Reporting to SEF, REQUIRED – By applying for an SEF Grant, you agree to provide a brief report that documents your grant’s journey. You will be required to fill out a one page progress report that will be due by June 1, 2019 and include photos, video or any other tangible visuals that SEF can use to tell its story.

SEF 2017 – 2018 Grants Awarded

December 2017

Twenty-five grants totaling $19,075.36 have been awarded to the Shrewsbury Public Schools for the 2017–2018 school year. Grants for 2018–2019 will be considered in the fall of 2018.

A Technological Approach to Phonics

Spring Street School

Susan McMenemy & Michelle LeMay

Bring on The History Buffs! Historical Fiction for 4th Grade

Floral Street School

Janet Johnson & Julie Murphy

Bringing History Alive Through Primary Sources

Shrewsbury High School

Tim Scheer & Jenn DiFrancesca

Connecting Through Kindness

Brennan Memorial Fund

Beal Early Childhood Center

Melissa Barrett

“Cool” Middle School Science Enrichment

Sherwood Middle School

Caroline Peacock

Establishing a Strong Foundation of Understanding Informational Texts in First Grade

Calvin Coolidge School

Lisa Cantin

Exhibiting Artistry

Shrewsbury High School

Pamela LeBlanc

Helping Students with Anxiety CONTINUE to Succeed

Shrewsbury High School

Beth Neiman

Highlighting Visual Arts through Exhibition within the Community

Floral Street School

Robert Wilson, Meri Buono & Sara DeAngelis

Incorporating Effective Social-Emotional Learning Practices within the Classroom Environment

Floral Street School

Suzanne Margiano & Cara Demoga

Looking Towards the Future: Bringing 21st Century Skills into the ELA Classroom

Oak Middle School

Sinead Meaney

Making the Past …Present

Sherwood Middle School

Paula Carney

Pickleball Equipment for Sherwood PE & Shrewsbury Community

Sherwood Middle School

Lauren DeSantis

Pocket Lab

Oak Middle School

Jeremy Mularella

Powering a Better Life

Farm to Fork Green Grant

Oak Middle School

Susan Andrews

¿Qué tal?: Fluency and Cultural Extension Through Target Language Reading

Oak Middle School

Adriana Anderson & Susana Pierce

Recess Engagement Options

Sherwood Middle School

Heather Gablaski

Slow Motion Physics

Shrewsbury High School

Patrick Collins

STEM Challenges Through Ancient Civilizations

Sherwood Middle School

Laure Laliberte & Payson Hendrix

Symphony Orchestra Repertoire Project

Shrewsbury High School

Kate Mercadante

Supporting Preschoolers Communication Through Innovative Home and Classroom Interventions

Parker Road Preschool

Patricia Quinn & Jacqueline Marcello

Telling Stories

Shrewsbury High School

Emily Bredberg

The Yellow Dress: Dramatic Play Performance

Shrewsbury High School

Erin Burtnyk


Parker Road Preschool

Catherine Dowling

Wearable Art: Creating Fashionable Sculpture

Shrewsbury High School

Brooke Blenkhorn


From the Community Advocate: “Shrewsbury High celebrates Black History Month with new project

Students, using SEF-granted digital cameras, taking a one point perspective photo of a hallway

SEF 2016 – 2017 Grants Awarded

November 2016

These seventeen grants have been awarded for the 2016–2017 school year, totaling $11,576.85. We will consider 2017–2018 grants in Fall 2017.

SHS Weather Station

Shrewsbury High School

Paul Wood, Tech Ed Teacher & Zac Tashjian, Biology Teacher

This grant will provide a wireless weather monitoring station for all high school students via an iPad application.

New Perspectives on Seeing the Familiar

Floral Street School

Robert Wilson, Art Teacher

This grant will expose fourth grade students to the use of digital cameras as a new art tool using technology.

Beyond the Looking Glass

Paton School

Camille Viscomi, Teacher, Grade 1 & Lisa Papazian, Instructional Coach

Alice Brennan Memorial Grant

This grant will provide hands on resources to kindergarten and first grade students to strengthen their understanding of science concepts as outlined in the new Massachusetts science technology and engineering standards.

Going Far With Nearpod

Paton School

Nicole Cormier, Teacher, Grade 4 & Wendy Bell, Principal

This grant will serve as a Pilot for the addition of the tool of Nearpod to the ipad initiative enabling teachers to collaborate with other teachers while making curriculum engaging for students with immediate feedback.

Kindness Rocks at Oak Middle School

Oak Middle School

Maura Egan, 8 White ELA; Zarina Madan, 8 White Mathematics; Jason Ponticelli, 8 White Social Studies; Jesse Shaw, 8 White Special Education Teacher and Jess Ternullo, 8 White Science

The goal of this grant is to “spread inspiration and motivation for unsuspecting recipients through random inspirational rocks dropped along the way…” Students will develop empathy which is a vital skill. Ultimately, the team envisions this project expanding to the broader Shrewsbury Community.

Helping Students Succeed When Faced with Anxiety

Shrewsbury High School

Beth L. Neiman, Ph.D., School Psychologist

The Goal of this project is to develop and maintain a minimum of two Mental Health Toolkits including adult coloring books, blank journals, scented eye pillows, aromatherapy scents, stress balls, etc. for students in need of emotional support and stress relief.

Breakout EDU Spyder Heist

Sherwood Middle School

Payson Hendrix, 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher & Laura Macchi, 6th Grade ELA/SS Teacher

This program allows students to learn in an engaging way. The games teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting. Students will learn effective communication and collaboration skills while using given clues to solve problems.

“What is the Fuss with Project Based Learning?”

Oak Middle School

Kelly Lawlor, 7 Blue ELA & Sinead Meaney, 7 Gold ELA

This Grant will allow for the acquisition of “Career Cruising” program which will serve as a project based learning experience that will “bridge” school and the real world. This approach is in the form of a research paper that engages the students to become better critical thinkers, collaborators and communicators. This program shows the strong connection between school and real life.

Students Helping Students: Coloring Pages as a Strategy for Anxiety

All Schools

Noelle Freeman, Director of Nursing & Pam Leblanc, Director of Visual Arts

The purpose of this Grant will provide a creative option for students who are struggling with anxiety. This project will reduce out of class time for students who are struggling by providing a strategy that can be used in the nurses’ and counselors’ offices. It is innovative because it utilizes the artistic talents off a group of students by creating a medium that will help other students. These students are then providing a community service for others.

Mindful Garden Loom

Sherwood Middle School

Deirdre Kunar, Art Teacher & Rob Dunn, Curriculum Coordinator, Social Studies

Robert “Chief Joseph” Terkanian Grant

This Grant will provide an alternative to quiet, calming, creative, mindful space for all students of Sherwood Middle School. It will provide an on-going piece of art equipment. Two permanent looms (equipped with materials) will be installed in the garden space of the recess area at Sherwood for students to actually use at recess time or when a student needs to “take a break.”

“Let’s Beat the Tar out of Tobacco Use!”

All Shrewsbury Elementary Schools – Grade 4

Shirley LeMay, Health Teacher

This Grant will bring to life the respiratory system for SPS 4th grade students. It will illustrate the differences between healthy and unhealthy lungs as well as focus on teaching students to make smarter life-long decisions about tobacco use.

Game On! Improving Math Problem Solving Skills Through Interactive Board Games

Paton School

Kristine Gustafson & Ann Early, Grade Two Teachers

Alice Brennan Memorial Grant

This Grant will provide second grade students with curriculum based Math Problem Solving board games which are a unique addition to their educational resources and are user friendly for students reluctant to practice math skills.

Technical Writing Made Concrete and Fun

Shrewsbury High School

Dayna Brown-Dolan, English Teacher

This Grant will be for the ELA classes to use linking blocks to develop and use technical writing skills by conceptualizing the importance of communicating ideas with clarity and precision. By making the activity tangible, it will appeal to students with varying learning styles, etc.


Shrewsbury High School

Pam LeBlanc, Visual Arts Director & Liza Trombley, Director, English Department

Students, using SEF-granted digital cameras, taking a one point perspective photo of a hallway

This Grant will provide a creative outlet through art and/or writing for all SHS students. The Black History Committee joins forces with the Art & English Departments to create work based on a theme. This year’s Theme, ‘Perspective’ will encourage students to respect each other’s feelings and/or beliefs by using puzzle pieces that represent differences.


Shrewsbury High School

Shari Fox, Art Teacher and Julia Naras, student

Central One Federal Credit Union Grant

This Grant will facilitate the purchase of 6 stereoscopes and 2 digital cameras. This will significantly enhance the art program at SHS and heighten its prestige among other schools in the region. It will prepare the students for higher education. Specifically, students will study objects under a stereoscope, then take photographs that they can use for art and science projects, and create artwork inspired by the photographs in various artistic media science reports using the photographs for deeper investigation.

Photography Materials and Cameras

Shrewsbury High School

Sarah Williams, Visual Arts Teacher

This Grant will enable the purchase of two cameras, the repair of 2-3 inoperable cameras in the school’s possession and film and materials for cyanotype prints (original forms of photographic imagery.) This grant enables the learning of old school film photography.

From iPad to “I Can.”

Coolidge School

Amy Clouter, Coolidge School Principal & Erin Kendrick, Instructional Coach, Coolidge School

This Grant will allow the purchase of one Swivl camera to provide opportunities for each Coolidge classroom to document what the students are learning whether it be solving math problems, performing in music class, observing frogs or compare their thinking with a school across town by capturing it in real time and easily sharing it on their iPads.

SEF 2015 – 2016 Grants Awarded

November 2015

These thirteen grants have been awarded for the 2015–2016 school year, totaling $10,989.42.

“Bird’s Eye View”

Shrewsbury High School: Kristine Cobb

“Art Across Curriculum: Expanding Literacy through Art”

Coolidge School: Pamela LeBlanc

“Game On: Bored vs. Board”

Paton School: Camille Viscomi

“Modeling the World with MathCentral One Federal Credit Union logo

Shrewsbury High School: Peter Collins

Sponsored by Central One Federal Credit Union

“From the Mouth of Shakespeare”

Shrewsbury High School: Dayna Brown-Dolan

“Making History Come Alive”

Floral Street School: Joan Beall and Helene Bisceglia

“Redefining Expectations for Student Produced Digital Media: Podcast with Professional Quality Sound Recording Tools While Targeting Effective 21st Century Communication Skills”

Shrewsbury High School: Steve Flahive

“Preschool Read Aloud Big Books”

Parker Road Preschool-Wesleyan Terrace: Jenna Roxo and Catherine Dowling

“Students Build Computers”

Shrewsbury High School: Chris Radkowski and Tracy Calabresi

“Mind-Body Connections: Incorporating Kinesthetic Practices into the Learning Environment”

Floral Street School: Ellen O’Leary, Suzanne Margiano, and Cara Demoga

“Social Thinking Curriculum for Preschool”

Parker Road Preschool: Cynthia Mietkiewicz and Amanda Park

“Roller Coaster Walls: STEM in action in Preschool”Central One Federal Credit Union logo

Parker Road Preschool: Catherine Dowling and Melissa Johnson

Sponsored by Central One Federal Credit Union

“I Excel! Using On-line Technology to Engage ALL Learners, Address the Standards and Improve Student Writing”

Paton School: Kristine Gustafson and Ann Early

SEF 2014 – 2015 Grants Awarded

November 2014
From a middle schooler teacher:—
“…[W]e are starting an extended novel study in ELA called Wonder, by RJ Palacio. Each student has borrowed a book from our library to enjoy, thanks to a generous grant provided by the Shrewsbury Educational Foundation a few years ago.”

“WHAT IS CLASSROOM JEOPARDY?”Grants Check 2014-2015

Jason Ponticelli, 8 Grade World History
Oak Middle School

“Classroom Jeopardy” is an active, fun, and innovative tool where individuals or teams from an entire class can play America’s favorite game show right in the classroom!


Kristen Stewich, RN
Parker Road Preschool

This grant will support expand the Parker Road school garden by building an outdoor classroom/sensory garden that will be accessible and inclusive to all students.


Deidra Lincoln, COTA/L
Laureen McGourty, MS, OTR/L
Calvin Coolidge School

This grant will enable us to acquire materials to set up school-wide sensorimotor areas also known as “Tune-Up Stations,” for gross motor and sensorimotor activities. Also available will be smaller Sensory Tool Kits for each regular education classroom. We are special educators who work with children with a wide range of challenges in collaboration with regular and special education teachers and other service providers.


Melissa Johnson, Classroom Teacher
Parker Road Preschool

Teachers will be able to use their background knowledge to create STEM kits that will provide the best possible learning experience for all preschool students. Centrally located for access to all classrooms, teachers will be able to sign-out STEM kits for a two week period. The use of non-fiction text, recyclable/re-usable materials, as well as opportunities to collaborate with peers to reflect upon and record what they have learned , will give students a chance to explore the materials multiple times in a a variety of ways.


Lisa Cantin, First Grade Teacher
Calvin Coolidge School

Enhancing word study in the first grade is designed to enhance current curriculum. The grant involves acquiring a wide variety of word study manipulatives. One of the manipulatives is a set of two sided letter tiles and resource books that will provide teacher hands-on word study: phonics, vocabulary, and spelling lessons one on one, small or whole class groups of children based on their needs and grade level expectations.


Angelina Ciccantelli, School Psychologist
Paton School

Our goal is to have every student at Paton School own the concept and expectation of Whole Body Listening and Thinking with their Eyes.


Michelle Lemay, School Psychologist
Miya Hanna, Occupational Therapist
Shrewsbury Public Schools

Providing our classrooms with access to sensory integration materials and resources, teachers will be able to teach and reinforce sensory and coping strategies and techniques for their students. Access to these materials will promote a healthy learning environment for all students.


Carol Virzi, Grade 5 Teacher and Student Voice Advisor
Sherwood Middle School

This grant provides Sherwood Middle School students with the opportunity to explore health and wellness through a multi-disciplinary enrichment experience. Students will analyze aspects of personal wellness, will travel to a local farm for hands-on learning, will incorporate technology, and will share their learning with the greater Shrewsbury community.

IMG_20150211_183857_773BOOKS 2 COUNT ON: Using Children’s Literature to Address Mathematical Standards Differentiate Instruction and Engage ALL Students.

Kristine Gustafson, Teacher
Ann Early, Teacher
Paton School

This grant will enable students to use children’s literature to develop a deeper understanding of the Math concepts presented in our district’s newly adopted Math curriculum. The grant is innovative because leading Math educators recognize the potential that children’s literature has to engage, motivate and challenge students through meaningful real world problem solving.